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Myofascial and Trigger Point Massage


Myofascial Massage


One type of massage is Myofascial Massage.  Most massage focuses specifically on the muscle.  Myofascial also does this but goes a step further.  Myofascial Release Massage or MRM is a treatment method used for the release of muscle tension.  MRM operates on the principles that we all store stress and tension in the muscles and the connective tissue.  This causes the muscles to become stiff and locked, which results in discomfort and pain with just everyday life.  MRM seeks to unlock this discomfort by adding massage and specific stretches to your treatment.


Trigger Point Massage


Sometimes we feel a KNOT in the muscle, a knot that is hard and tough.  These knots send electrical charges to surrounding areas to the body.  This pain is referred to another spot in the body, so the spot that hurts may not be the culprit. You may develop a twitch that just won't go away, often caused by a trigger point.  Trigger Points can and do happen to most people.  It can be the result of an accident, or just an injured muscle, anytime during your life.