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Facials, Foot Renewal
Facial Massage and facials are very popular with those who come to My BodyWorks.  Our Facials always include a facial massage first, then a deep cleansing process, exfoliation is the next step, sea weed cleansing mask, with hot towels.  After the hot towel technique,  finished off with a wonderful moisturizer. 
People who enjoy our facials say that they feel like they have baby soft skin.  People who regularly recieve a My BodyWorks facial tell us they feel like they have had a face lift.

Foot Renewal

Just like our facials, all of our Foot Scrubs begin with a foot massage.  Deep cleansing, exfoliation, and a foot mask, ending with hot towels. Your feet will love a My BodyWorks Foot Scrub.  This is not a pedicure,  we do not trim or paint nails but if you ask us we can tell you where we go to have a pedicure. We love having our pedicures too.

You will love this treatment.


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