Questions about Reflexology

Q.  What is Reflexology?

A.  Reflexology may feel like just a foot massage, which I say is wonderful in itself.  The body is controlled by what is equivalent to an electrical system with on and off switches.  There are "main circuits" to every organ, gland,and nerve, and these circuits have endings or pressure points in your hands and feet, and other parts of the body.

Q. How does reflexology therapy work?

A. Stimulating these pressure points or nerve endings sends a healing to all parts of the body. This opens up closed "electrical signals" that have been shut off in some way.
Q. What are the results of a Reflexology session

A. Reflexology improves circulation by allowing the blood to provide nutrients to body tissues.  You may experience less headaches, more regular menses, increased energy, the list is endless.

Q. How often should I recieve a Reflexology session?

A.  It is totally up to you and what fits into your schedule and budget.  Although, if you do have health concerns, having a regular session of at least once a week will help the body to repair itself.



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